Secrether for DApps

Everyone knows that the blockchain is transparent - anybody can read any data from the blockchain. This makes impossible the creation of a wide range of applications. We solve this problem by storing sensitive data on our servers and ensure its integrity and immutability by a publicly available cryptographic hash. We provide easy-to-use APIs both for Ethereum Smart Contracts and REST APIs for back/front end. It has never been easier to build a DApp, that uses sensitive data but still benefits from all the advantages of the blockchain.
24/7 Support

Our support works 24/7 for all our customers, we answer questions and would love to hear your feedback or improvement proposals.
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Easy to use APIs

We provide well documented APIs which are available here as well as easy copy-paste tutorials for Solidity and Javascript. This speeds-up your DApp creation process and makes it easiest possible!

High quality Codebase

Our service is made by developers for developers. Our code is tested frequently and audited by external security experts.

Low Price

Our pricing model is "Pay as You Go", which means that you pay only when your business works, no transactions - no charges. Payment fee is sent along with ethereum transaction, depends on the secure data size and consumer downloads, and this fee is less than the gas price of storing the secret in the blockchain would be!

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